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ZHA Architects has completed a large body of work that represents a long history of designing facilities for the Hospitality Industry.  Encompassing hotels of all sizes and market segments, restaurants both upscale and quick service and conference centers involving high-tech communications facilities, ZHA Architects have worked with large corporate clients and unique independent organizations on both urban and suburban sites for nearly thirty-five years..


Covering a broad spectrum of the hotel market, we have extensive experience with full service, extended stay, select service and boutique style properties incorporating the latest technology and trends while remaining sensitive to budgets and franchise standards necessary in the highly competitive hospitality industry.  ZHA Architects have had the unique opportunity of developing prototypical designs for both hotels and restaurants and adapting these designs to a variety of regions and situations.



ZHA Architects has cultivated successful, long-term relationships with a number of local and state government agencies as well as several out-of-state agencies who needed our specific expertise with certain building types.  Multiple project awards from all of these entities not only indicates satisfaction with the design and function of the buildings, but equally as important, an in-depth understanding of the process of working with each group in the format in which they are accustomed and is required. 

ZHA Architects carefully selects the markets in which it enters in order to provide more informed specialized services to our clients. Working successfully in several market sectors provides both challenges and opportunities as the requirements for different building types have areas of commonality as well as striking differences.

Concentrating on a small, yet diverse group of building types, gives us the opportunity to amass a significant amount of research and background information on each. the resulting expertise represents a far greater value to our clients than if our familiarity with the projects type was merely general in nature.

Projects related to fire and rescue services, vehicle maintenance, park recreation and public travel accommodations have offered us many opportunities to serve the communities in which we live and work.


Much of ZHA Architects’ success in this market is a result of its understanding of developers needs and its ability to work closely with them to achieve the optimum balance of innovative design and economic return.  ZHA’s aptitude for delivering projects on time and within budget as well as its proficiency in conceiving, along with its clients, office buildings, retail centers and distribution facilities that attract and retain those that use them, is a good indication that ZHA’s involvement makes good economic sense.


We firmly believe, as do our many sophisticated clients, that creative architecture is capable of delivering noticeable results to the bottom line.  Often less tangible than other strategic moves, the design we bring to the commercial and retail work place adds value that is appreciated by its users and pays back dividends many fold.

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